Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm big boy now !!! 5th month old liao (22th Sept 2008)

I'm already 5th month old. I'm big boy now and start teethe. As you can see very clearly from the picture below. You will find out there are two teeths while I'm laughing. Daddy and mummy start complaint that it's really painful if got bitten by Alfred.

4th month old (22th August) !!! Cheers!!!

It's really quite a long time daddy is not updating my blog again.

Mummy and Poh Poh bring me to Ah Ma's house to celebrate my 4th months old birthday since daddy was not around due to business trip to KL. It's really a happening day for Alfred.... This is the first day that I drive my blue color Lamborghini show to everybody :-P
Daddy bought me 'Lu Lu' as my 4th months old birthday gift. As well, Gu Gu also bought me a new shirt as gift.

New shirt from 'Gu Gu'. But it's still too big size for alfred.

Gift form daddy call 'Lu Lu'. 'Lu Lu' Will sing those alphabet song to me while I touch her tummy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I got the new swing chair!!!

Last friday, my poh poh (grandma) bring me to shopping at Toy 'R' us at Gurney plaza . She brought me a new swing chair and I like this swing chair very very mucchhhhh...... Thank Q Poh Poh!!!

Ah Ma and Ah Gong also come to take care Alfred during this weekend, when my mum start to working night shift on past saturday. I really enjoy to stay with Ah Gong & Ah Ma.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm 3 months old now. Cheers!!!

Finally I'm 3 months old now. Alfred's daddy received a lot of complaint from those aunty & uncle about not update my blog for more than 2 months. My daddy have to create the new blog for me because he is already too old and forgot the password and user id to login to my previous blog. Terrible daddy in the world......
In last 2 months, Alfred really growth fast and now I'm already gain my weight till 6.9kg.

Let's me show my photos for past 2 months to you all:
Am I have a similar look as my 'Gu Gu'? Let me also show you all that my mummy & daddy photo when they were young then you all can decide who I look similar as.....hehe

Above is my mummy photo when she was 4 months old....cute leh....and Below is my daddy photo:
AMI look cute?
Let me introduce my friend to you all. She is my neighbour and her name is Earn Earn. Earn Earn is 2 days elder than Alfred. Mummy and daddy always bring me to visit Earn Earn during the weekend when she is back from her baby sitter house. And I also have 1 big brother at my downstair. His name is Eason. Eason is 3 months elder than me.
During the weekend, Daddy and mummy always bring me to my garden walk around. I'm really enjoy the environment here. And Alfred like to ride dinasour soo muchhhh.....